Oil storage tank, abbreviated as oil tank or storage tank, is a large container with a relatively regular shape used to store oil.

Oil storage tanks are containers for storing crude oil or other petroleum products. Used in refineries, oil fields, oil depots and other industries.

Steel oil tanks are available in vertical (including vaulted and floating roof cylindrical), spherical shell (spherical) and horizontal (cylindrical) types:
1. The vertical vaulted oil tank is composed of a spherical crown-shaped tank top and a vertical cylindrical tank wall. It is mainly used to store non-volatile oil products, such as diesel and similar oil products.
2. The floating roof oil tank is composed of a floating roof floating on the surface of the medium and a vertical cylindrical tank wall. Mainly used as storage medium for volatile oil products, such as gasoline and similar oil products.
3. Horizontal oil tanks are composed of end caps and horizontal circular or oval tank walls, and are usually used in production links or gas stations.